The play Cosmogenesis: The Story of Us written by Deeptime Network member Rebecca Sophia Strong has been selected to be performed by student actors at The New Play Festival at the University of Colorado Boulder campus on April 28/29, 2024.
COSMOGENESIS: THE STORY OF US is a full-length 90-minute social-impact play with a screen component written for a full-dome immersive space and proposed to be performed at the Fiske Planetarium on University of Colorado’s Boulder campus in 2024-2025.  Cosmogenesis is the story of a 19-year old BFA dance student whose life is on the brink when meeting a mentor, a tribe of inquisitive peers and the 13.8 billion-year Cosmological story of the Universe changes her life forever.  This play spans across departments and weaves together theatre, live and recorded dance, film, traditional stage and theatre with themes rooted in Cosmology, astro-physics, earth science, biology, climate issues, the arts, othering and belonging and the humanities. We will be accepting monetary gifts for this project starting in May, 2023. See