In our third session of our Deeptime Leadership course, Marianne Rowe, psychotherapist, relational facilitator, and founder of the Monterey Bay Meditation Studio, helped us co-create a rich communal field for our collective emergent dialogue so that our relating expanded to a more conscious level. Deeptime Network educator par excellence, Stephan Martin described our experience as being able to “see the power of emergence that is always available to us in every situation.” The questions Marianne offered are ones we can carry with us through our daily lives to invoke a more open space for receptivity and co-creation with the world around us. It was further empowering to collectively create a magical field of allurements together on a shared digital padlet. Set in a field of stars, course participants are adding their individual allurements. It is exciting to see the depth, breadth, poetry, and power of these allurements together on a technological sky studded with sparks of light! For example, one participant wrote:

“My allurement is consciously being a tiny star that shines and guides creation, and the lives that interact with mine, lovingly inviting them all to light and fulfilment in the embrace of an evolving universe.”

Imagine thinking of oneself “consciously being a tiny star”! How empowering is that?!

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