A story offered on Advent 2 in a rural congregation where The Universe Story as well as the Bible is considered a sacred text. In this story, the second in an Advent’ure series, Rev. Dr. Carol Kilby explores the cosmic power of emergence and the Christian virtue of peace within the context of a working mother’s poverty in the weeks leading up to the religious and economic holiday of Christmas.

  • Used by people who call the work: New Cosmology, The New Story
  • Applies a deep time evolutionary perspective to: Art, Religion/Spirituality, Social Justice
  • Learning Stages: Adult Education, Higher Education, Lifelong
  • Type: Document, Other
  • Keywords: Advent, Evolutionary Christianity, Evolutionary Spirituality, Brian Swimme, Thomas Berry, feminism, poverty, storytelling, biblical,
  • Why I love this Resource: I love how the evolutionary story provides a realistic context in which to consider the biblical virtures , the Advent themes, and thd how the owers of the universe help us to understand the Great Oneness at the heart of all time and space bringing greater beauty, complexity and unity into being.
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  • Date Added: December 11, 2015