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Let us give the child a vision of the whole universe.

Maria Montessori

Deeptime Learning*

Professional Development for TEACHERS
that connects across all levels:

  • Montessori Cosmic Vision
  • Journey of the Universe
  • Big History
  • Gaia Systems Theory

* Click for more info about a “Deeptime Perspective” and “Deeptime Learning.”

Give Your Students the Big Picture

Humanity is discovering a stunning picture of the universe and Earth.

Give your students across all levels the big picture,
relate everything to the whole, and connect your students
to something bigger than themselves,
the greatest adventure of all.

Get Inspired

When students see the big picture and know where they are, and how everything fits together and is connected, they see their personal contribution to the whole, their cosmic task.

Connect Learning Across All Levels

Deeptime Learning, Montessori Cosmic Vision and Education, Big History, and Journey of the Universe can be linked across all levels in a learning spiral from Infant Toddler to Secondary, providing an incredible framework for learning. That’s what we’re doing with our professional development courses, resources and discussions.

On the Deeptime Network, teachers can:

  • Take Professional Development Courses
    Take PD courses in Deeptime Learning, Montessori Cosmic Education, Journey of the Universe and Big History; and the intersections between these pedagogies.
  • Read and Create Resources
    Read educational literature and teaching materials posted by people around the world. Read and post your own resources. Engage with creators of resources by making comments.
  • Learn and Connect
    The forum is a great place to ask questions of course teachers and others from around the world. For example, suppose you’d like to form a small group to discuss how to include poetry or art in cosmic education studies or to ask questions about how others inspire their students to do independent work in a specific topic.
  • Be Coached By Top Trainers
    There will be focus groups on particular topics of interest such as class planning and curriculum development. You can ask for a topic and we’ll make it happen.

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