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  • Jennifer Morgan on Cosmic Walk in Prague: “Everyone, be sure to take a look at the post by Nagesh that inspired this post. The link to Nagesh's…Sep 5, 11:42
  • Jennifer Morgan on A Summer of Batesons: “Thanks so much for this Norah. Could not be more important for today.Sep 5, 11:40
  • Jennifer Morgan on Cosmic Themes & Human Development: “More comments by email: I enjoyed Cosmic Themes and Human Development, especially the ideas around people in their elder years.…Sep 5, 10:03
  • Jennifer Morgan on Cosmic Themes & Human Development: “Here are comments we received by email: I totally enjoyed Michael’s presentation and gained lots of Cosmic Education information. —…Sep 5, 09:58
  • Jennifer Morgan on Weekly Cosmic Walk in Bihar, India & Jesuit Eco Campaigns in India: “Here's a new post by Ann Sutton about how they are just did the Cosmic Walk, inspired by YOU Nagesh,…Aug 26, 10:16


Montessori Cosmic Education

The Cosmic Egg

Five wooden nesting eggs from Michael Dorer Hold the cosmos in your hands! Worthy of a special...

New Story

(Universe Story, Journey of the Universe)

Gaia Theory

Deep Time Walk App

The Deep Time Walk is a walking audio book. No, the book doesn’t walk beside you on a leash....

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On Humans Mapping the Sky (Ted Talk by June Kollmeier)

A talk by June Kollmeier on how her colleagues are mapping our galaxies, black holes and stars. Humans have been studying the stars for thousands of years, but astrophysicist Juna Kollmeier is on a special mission: creating the...