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The Power Of Story

This chronicle is about the Power of Stories and is divided into three parts.  It begins with...



  • Norah Bolton on Thomas and Sallie: “Thanks, Jennifer – and I am going to change the image in a momentSep 22, 15:16
  • Jennifer Morgan on Thomas and Sallie: “Fantastic Norah! A lot of people will be interested your article. Be sure to post in the course as well!Sep 22, 09:19
  • Beatriz Rojas on To Educate the Human Potential: “This is so fascinating, and interesting love it. Looking forward to finishing this program and learn more.Sep 19, 22:04
  • Nancee Cline on She Who Is, Is Not (Poem by Bernice Marie Daly): “Beautiful poem. Lots to meditate on. Thank you!Jul 13, 19:50
  • midge f miles on She Who Is, Is Not (Poem by Bernice Marie Daly): “This reflection is like sinking into a bed of flower petals…luxurious language and imagery of the Divine Feminine. Powerful and…Jul 8, 11:15


Montessori Cosmic Education

New Story

(Universe Story, Journey of the Universe)

Big History

2021 August Environmental Evolution newsletter

Controversy rears its ugly head in the early days of James Lovelock’s Gaia Theory…or does it? Scott Gilbert’s been spreading the gospel of developmental symbiosis in many strange places–including...

Gaia Theory

Native Language

When a human language dies, says linguist David Crystal, “what is primarily lost is the...


Human Energy

Introducing readers to the Human Energy Project which is providing information, films and research...


Reconciling Mother Earth and Mother Church

On Being and Earth Being takes the metaphor of indigenous children being taken away from their families and brought up in homes of colonisers. Norm Habel, author of this book uses that metaphor to show how being brought up in...

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Bow and Arrow Technology and Culture

The bow and arrow is an ancient technology, and it takes great skill to make a bow. Find out what researchers discovered from interviews with expert bow makers from the hunter-gatherer Hadza people The critical thing that sets...