In the Deeptime Leadership & Wellbeing Program, a couple of weeks ago, we did the Cosmic Walk in a Zoom meeting setting.  The Cosmic Walk was originally developed by Sr. Miriam MacGillis and Larry Edwards and Genesis Farm, Blairstown, New Jersey (US) for an in person setting with the walk laid out on the floor.  Here’s a link to the original Cosmic Walk.

Here’s what we did in an online setting.  We sent the narrative (click here) and the graphic (click here) to all participants and instructed them bring both docs, printed out, along with a candle.  Before starting the ritual we talked about the history of this ritual and how it’s being interpreted and applied in many countries.  We instructed them that during the ritual they were to light their candle with station one (the flaring forth) and trace the path on the spiral with a finger on their non-dominant hand.  We started the music, and read slowly and meditatively the narrative, two people alternating with each station.  After each station, a third person said “We raise our candles together.” Paused as people lifted their candles. “And go to the next station.”   At the end the narrative, we allowed the music to play for an extra minute and then we slowly turned down the volume of the music.


NOTE:  Some dates need to be revised since new scientific discoveries have shifted the dates since this walk was first developed.