This resource for teachers has lessons for introducing children to the Tree of Life and its major branches. The second edition (2016) introduces the eukaryotic supergroups: Archaeplastida, SAR (stramenopiles, alveolates, and rhizarians), Excavata, and Unikonta (also called Amorphea). This book helps teachers tell the story of the Tree of Life and show the relationships between the plants, animals, and fungi. There is expanded material on viruses in this edition, including the intriguing giant viruses. The book includes color cards for the Tree of Life chart. It is available printed and as an ebook (pdf). The file for the Tree of Life chart is available on the Big Picture Science website as a free download.

Message from Priscilla Spears

I revised this book and updated it in 2022. The third edition is available on my website, or from Montessori Services. The cover of the new edition has a red-orange border rather than a purple one. I recommend getting the third edition, which is available as a printed book or a pdf (ebook) version. is the current link.