Alexandra (Olenka) Swigon, a DTN member and musician/composer wrote with this message about her Go Fund Me Project:

My name is Alexandra (Olenka) Swigon and I’m a multi-lingual writer, songwriter and translator. I was born in Poland and I am fundraising to translate the book The Christian Future and the Fate of the Earth by “geologian” Thomas Berry into Polish. It is a collection of essays that is in line with Pope Francis encyclical Laudato Si’ about the care of our common home. The works of Thomas Berry are crucial in these times of climate crisis, and I especially believe that getting some of his works before the Polish audience is very important, as Poland is a very Catholic country and yet staunchly holding on to coal and fossil fuels. I’ve been working on this translation on a volunteer basis as time has allowed but this work is simply too important and timely to take a backseat to my other jobs. Please help me pay for some of my time to do this translation. Thank you in advance.