• This film is the result of a 12 month Heritage Lottery Funded project in which Global Generation involved young people in exploring cultural creation stories and the scientific origins of the universe. The Bee […]

    • Jane, I would like to send this film to Susan Conlon, head of youth services at my public library in Princeton, NJ. Susan also heads a successful environmental film festival at the library – 2016 will be it’s 10th season. I’d like to copy you in the email. What would that be? They often Skype in producers and co-producers to follow a film. And, I love the main title – Stories for a Better World. Maybe the library will borrow it for their next theme!

      Laura Hawkins

      • Hi Laura,
        Jane and I must apologise for only now some 2 or 3 years later seeing your comment! It’s a bit of a long shot, but If you are still interested in showing the video, we are very open to that and will try our best to communicate better.
        Best Wishes,

    • Was deeply moved by this short video — truly inspiring to hear and see this creative response from young people. Great job!

    • Hi Brian,
      Many thanks for your words of encouragement and support. So glad you found it inspiring! We are trying to make the work as collaborative as possible…………since we see that “collaboration” is one of is key elements of the larger story.

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    Thanks for this … Great point that the Pope has written as a geologan not a theologian … And what would the world be like if more people saw them as one and the same

  • I wanted to let you know that Global Generation recently won a TVE Global Sustainability Film Award at BAFTA in London for the two films that we have posted in our resources. We won the community investment category, when the judge awarded the prize he said, These two films are all about young people finding their place within a 14 Billion year…[Read more]

    • Absolutely fantastic Jane . . . the videos succinctly, powerfully and beautifully convey the meaning and purpose of the work that you, Rod, and so many of in the Network are doing. Bravo! Bravo!! Everyone should look at the films. Here are the…[Read more]

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