Parliament of the World’s Religions

August 14-18, 2023

Chicago, IL  USA


Deeptimers at the Parliament, including Jennifer Morgan (president and co-founder of the Deeptime Network):

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“The Vision of Thomas Berry” (August 15 at 8-9:30am). The Yale Forum co-directors Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, Yale Forum research associate Sam King, and Deeptime Network president Jennifer Morgan will speak during this session on Thomas Berry, one of the foremost environmental thinkers of our era, and what Berry’s vision means for the ecological, social, and spiritual challenges of our times.

“The Global Ethic and The Earth Charter in Dialogue” (August 15 at 5-6:30pm). The Global Ethic of the Parliament of the World’s Religions and the Earth Charter are two landmark statements in global ethics. Mary Evelyn Tucker, who served on the Earth Charter drafting committee from 1997-2000 and the Earth Charter International Council from 2000-2013, will join with other creators of these two statements to discuss how both documents can inform approaches critical global problems with priorities for human dignity, ecological reciprocity, and peace.

“Cosmic Mass & Forum” (August 16, 7:00 pm CT) Honoring Gaia, Solidarity for Our Earth; Join Matthew Fox for a Cosmic Mass and Panel Forum

Wednesday, 8/16, 7:00pm CT – The Cosmic Mass – Honoring Gaia, Solidarity for Our Earth

Thursday, 8/17, 1:00pm CT – Panel and Response to The Cosmic Mass

“Interreligious Ecological Collaboration: Partnerships as Spiritual Practice” (August 17 at 3-4:30pm). Yale Forum research associate Anna Thurston will join with partners from United Religions Initiative and Parliament of the World’s Religions to explore how interfaith activities uniquely strengthen spiritual and environmental commitments within religious frameworks.