Deep Time Storytelling for ALL Ages


Jennifer Morgan

Levels: ALL

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with Jennifer Morgan
Levels: All
CPD Hours: 2
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Join master storyteller, lecturer and president of the Deep Time Journey Network Jennifer Morgan for a dive into deep time.   Deep Time storytelling evokes profound experiences of participation in a radically creative Universe while evoking a passion for learning.  Light up your classroom with powerful stories of the Universe, Earth and human evolution that serve as a framework and inspiration for further study.  Humans have communicated through stories for thousands of years and this medium works as powerfully today as ever . . . conveying detailed information while at the same time providing a big picture for placing all future learning.  Further, it has a lasting positive emotional impact on students that can stay with them for years, or a lifetime.  Push your boundaries by cultivating your own very unique storytelling voice and bring the excitement of storytelling into your classroom…and/or other work!

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