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The Deep Time Framework: A Foundation for Education


Jennifer Morgan
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Jennifer Morgan

A deep time narrative of our Universe can be a comprehensive and stunning foundation for education and personal and collective identity. With humor, warmth, and scientific rigor, Ms. Morgan covers the broad strokes of cosmic evolution and shows how this unifying foundation provides a trans-disciplinary framework for all subjects. The humanities and sciences come together into a unified worldview. We see that our lives fit into, and contribute to, the commonwealth of being, connecting us to the deep time past and future . . . the Universe, Earth and each other. Deep Time Education nurtures experiences of awe and wonder which are so crucial for learning, and lead to intense engagement, cooperation and caring for our future. DTE shows how a flourishing future can more easily come about with an understanding of our evolving Universe. Read more about Deep Time Education here.

Deep Time Education is not new. It’s inspired by a science-based grand narrative of the universe as a unifying foundation for education and a number of pedagogies including: Montessori Cosmic Education, Universe Story, New Story, Big History, Deep History, Ignatian and Systems Thinking, inspired by Maria Montessori, Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Fritjof Capra and many others. The Deep Time Journey Network is connecting the dots between many efforts and creating a continuum across all age levels, focusing this year on students ages 0 to 18.

You will:

  • Be inspired by this stunning foundation for education.
  • Learn the difference between scientific and other ways of knowing.
  • Learn that the level you teach has a specific contribution inside of a continuum.
  • Learn the Five Principles of Deep Time Education and how they were inspired by other pedagogies.
  • Learn about multiple efforts around the world that are looking at education through the lens of a grand narrative.


Jennifer Morgan’s Universe Story Trilogy — Born with a Bang, From Lava to Life, and Mammals Who Morph — is used in classrooms around the world and has won Learning Magazine Teachers Choice Award, praise from The American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Nautilus Award (semi-finalist), and endorsements from Neil deGrasse Tyson (host of the Cosmos Series), astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Nobel Prize winner Leon Lederman, Steve Pacala (evolutionary biologist and expert in climate change), primatologist Jane Goodall, and many others. She founded the Deep Time Journey Network, a global social network of educators, artists and clergy exploring a grand narrative of the universe as a foundational context.

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