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Timelines for Cosmic Education: Tying Them All Together

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Michael & D’Neil Duffy
Levels:  Elem. 1 – Sec. II
Available Now! 1 PD Hour




Explore the relationships among all the Montessori timelines, from the Timeline of the Big Bang (Creation) to the Timeline of the Stars, the Solar System, the Earth, Life, Humans, Civilizations, U.S. History, and on to the student’s personal timeline. Science has made a lot of progress in understanding the universe and our planet since Maria Montessori’s death, and teachers need to incorporate the broad outlines of this science in their classrooms. This online workshop should help you to come away with an enhanced understanding of the individual timelines in Montessori, the ways they relate to each other, and how they form an integrated and comprehensive story. Cosmic Education, transcends the “five great lessons” in a single story with many chapters connected by timelines.



with Michael and D’Neil Duffy, STL, MEd
Wednesday, October 16, 7:00 PM EST
Levels: Elementary 1 – Secondary II
CPD Hours: 1

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In this program, you will:

  • Overcome fragmentation and learn how to integrate the timelines into a single Cosmic Story.
  • A picture of the whole story with chapters.
  • Take away a means to ignite the imaginations of your students through timelines.

Who is this for?

  • Teachers:  Though the event is based on the Montessori approach, it will be useful to ALL teachers.
  • Parents who want to teach their children the Story of the Universe using timelines.
  • Everyone who wants to see the way in which Cosmic Education is taught in a Montessori classroom through classrooms.

Michael Duffy, STL, MEd, is co-director of the Montessori Elementary Teacher Training Collaborative, in Lexington, MA. In 2018, he was honored as the AMS Living Legacy (along with his wife, D’Neil Duffy). Michael is the author or co-author of 3 books, including Children of the Universe: Cosmic Education in Montessori Elementary Classrooms. AMS-credentialed (Elementary I – II).

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Timelines for Cosmic Education: Tying Them All Together

  1. Linda Aaquist (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed Michael’s presentation. It was fantastic to see all the Great Lessons with other lessons sequenced for presentation in the classroom. I have read the book by Michael and D’Neil and have really enjoyed all the other stories they share. These stories are so inspiring for children and get them excited about researching the different concepts. I had never heard of the Quark, Hadron and Lepton Eras and now I want to do more research.
    This was very timely for me as I am teaching upper elementary history and geography this weekend. We are reading the Cosmic Education book.

    Linda Aaquist

  2. Terri MacKenzie

    This was awesome. I frequently stopped both to make notes and to try to absorb it all — well, I’ll never absorb it all. I’ll never again pass over the Big Bang quickly! What an amazing grounding kids can get today that neither I nor the kids I taught back in the 50’s and 60’s ever guessed. (I pray regularly that they kept learning!)

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