Unrolling the Scroll of Life: Making Your Own Materials


Ann Rose Gavey

Level(s):ages 6-12

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with Ann Rose Gavey M.Ed

CPD Hours: 2
Level(s): Elementary, ages 6 – 12
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Cosmic Education integrates and changes the framework for everything!  Once students have a large enough image of the Cosmos, then all new information has a place to fit in, and students see how everything is connected. A broad framework of the Cosmos “strikes the imagination” for students and they learn best and can remember more in context. In this presentation you’ll get an overview of new resources that are now available and materials that Ann Rose Gavey has made and combined from different sources. Learn how you can make materials that inspire your teaching and captivate your students. Ann Rose Gavey will “Unroll the Scroll” of the Clock of Eras and show cards, objects, fossils, and activities that make the Cosmic Story comes alive.

You will learn . .

  • The 6 major “Times” and Eras of the Clock of Eras, using the materials;
  • About the resources that other fellow educators are making and be inspired to make your own materials.
  • Learn how the “Great Lessons” introduce concepts and then how to go into depth with the Clock of Eras and the Timelines.

Ann Rose Gavey, M.Ed, founder, Rising Star Montessori School, Alameda, CA (US), established in 1982, has always been fascinated by the Cosmos. She has been a Montessori teacher and trainer for the past 25 years. She has presented at the SF AMS Conference and at other international conferences. She received her M.Ed from the College of Notre Dame and her Montessori training from Columbus Montessori Teacher Training. www.risingstarschool.org

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