Creation and Evolution Stories Reconciled
Hello everyone!We continue our series with a 3rd episode on science and spirituality. Author Joe Masterleo gives us insights into two great contributors to this field of discussion; Nikola Tesla and Teilhard de Chardin. We’ve included summary by Joe below, and a video he suggests. Enjoy!Doug

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Both science and world religions agree that a unified field exists in the cosmos that holds everything together. In fact, the word Universe means “a reality turning around on one thing. Yet paradoxically, both disciplines offer different stories about the mystery of that one thing, the Creation Story (religion) and the Evolution Story (science). In a divided, post-modern world of disconnected stories, a novel, unifying story is in order. A truly integral story must be internally consistent, replicate itself at all cosmic scales, join inner/outer worlds in a practical synthesis, and offer a future-looking global vision for the planet. In “The Ambient Christ,” the author proposes that the Creation and Evolution stories are competing partial truths joined by a universal element, or constant common to them both – light.

Einstein and Tesla revealed that everything that appears solid in the world is light energy in a state of vibration, abuzz with pulses, oscillations, wave motions, rhythms, and cycles in a vast continuum of interconnected energy fields – all defined by the vibration and frequency of light (electromagnetism).

Appearing in a countless variety of created forms, and cloaked in a variety of cultural beliefs, interpretations and practices, the author details how light is the single substance reconciling them all. Chief among the geometric forms found at all scales of the cosmos is the spinning, spiraling torus. The taproot of all forms, the torus is the underlying structure of every atom, molecule, cell, crystal, plant, animal, human, planet, solar system, and galaxy. Donut shaped, the torus is creation’s chief cornerstone, whose center point is a singularity, a black hole or zero-point (ZPF) that connects the Infinite Invisible (Spirit) with the space-time field everywhere. Such doubles as the biblical definition of the Universal Christ, the chief cornerstone “in whom all things consist and cohere” (Matt.21:42-44, Col.1:17). This seamless nexus joining Spirit and matter is the creative source of limitless growth, potential, information, inspiration, generative reorganization, and stabilization – an apt job description of how and by what energy and configurations divinity works and is co-present in all things. See working models of the torus and toroidal flow HERE.

The eco-spirituality of Teilhard (synthesis) and Thomas Berry (The Universe Story) could only envision a new Science of Humanity based on the physics of Spirit, one reconciling empirical and religious views of the cosmos. That novcel synthesis would thus enlarge Christ to cosmic proportions. Teilhard often spoke of a “greater Christ” and a “better Christianity,” having once asked a colleague, “Can you tell me who will at last give us the meta-Christianity we are waiting for?” Advancing Teilhard’s work, Berry called for a “functional cosmology” that would meld psycho-spiritual-material realities toward restoring a desacralized and degraded biosphere. The time is at hand for developing a novel synthesis that tells a new story in a single paradigm.

The spiral schematic proposed by the author offers a timely integral story, one that (a) bridges the age-old gap between science and religion, while harmonizing all other disciplines; (b) strikes a balance that reconciles differences, diversity, and individualism with a universal container in which our small stories thrive, make sense, and interconnect as one; (c) invites and updated perspective on interfaith theology and the biblical narrative for our times; (d) affirms the substance of the entire universe, visible and invisible, existing on a continuum of light energy (electromagnetism), introducing matter as veiled Spirit; (e) renders a scientifically plausible explanation of the bio-electric nature and consistency of the spirit-soul holon, and its nexus in the interior life; (f) provides a numinous symbol (spiral) that is at once novel, archetypal, integrative, and conducive to a universal synthesis; (g) completes and complements the moral, judicial, and redemptive aspects of the biblical message (sin and judgement) by presenting its organic component, explaining the incarnation in psycho-physical terms; (h) anticipates the next stage in psycho-spiritual evolution, allowing a telescopic glimpse into how the eternal appears to be coming to us from the future.

“Tell the story” (Thomas Berry)

Joe Masterleo
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(partial image “Teilhard,” from jacket of book title, Teilhard de Chardin, and the Mystery of Christ,” by Christopher F. Mooney, S.J. Harper & Row, 1964)

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