We need art—the nonverbal kind—to take in new, profound kinds of awareness. Composer and classical guitarist Sam Guarnaccia is doing his musical part. He’s created the Emergent Universe Oratorio, a beautiful new, major musical work that calls on orchestra, chorus, and soloists to celebrate the place we share in an evolving universe. It’s lush and evocative and includes praise for life forms and forces you don’t often hear about in concert halls, like cell membranes, tree roots, and gravity. (The piece has its premiere in Cleveland, Ohio, on June 30, 2017.)

There are selections from Sam’s Emergent Universe Oratorio in this episode, and he and I talk about ideas such as:
-The role music plays in heightening our awareness
-How this new Universe Story differs from indigenous stories
-Sam’s religious background and how he’s oriented now
-What “emergence” is and why it rocks
-Humanity’s fatal flaw
-Slime molds and why I want Sam to put them back in the oratorio.