Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955), a French Jesuit priest and scientist, charted a new path in reconciling Christian theology with evolutionary science. Though church officials in his lifetime rejected his work, his posthumously published writings have illuminated many of the most pressing issues of our time. In particular, he articulated a new mystical vision, in tune with the findings of science and our expanding knowledge of the universe. This book examines Teilhard’s mysticism showing how science can help to illuminate the mystical path, while also demonstrating the compatibility between Teilhard’s though and current frontiers in scientific exploration.


“A marvelous book, a real gem that catches the fire and radiance of what Teilhard saw and experienced throughout his life. Beautifully written and easy to follow, it conveys much of the audacity, originality, and powerful attraction of Teilhard’s new mysticism steeped in a synthesis of faith and science that many are longing for today. I cannot recommend it too highly.” —Ursula King, University of Bristol

“Readers will find in this jewel of a book a rich and reliable guide to the Teilhardian vision that many of us have found to be both religiously healing and intellectually satisfying in the age of science. Teilhard would take great delight in the pages you are about to read.” —John Haught, Georgetown University

“This is probably the best book on Teilhard de Chardin available today. For those seeking to know Teilhard’s thought in its many radiant directions, this book is truly ‘the essential Teilhard.’”
—Ilia Delio, OSF, Georgetown University

“As a physicist, Duffy brings the reader into an understanding of the universe that activated Teilhard’s scientific vision. She has given us a wonderful book of contemplative inquiry.”
—John Grim, President American Teilhard Association