The Three Principles of the Universe-

Living in the Cosmic Story is an invitation to enter more deeply into the mystery of life.  I have experienced the Story and its impact on my life so richly by looking through the lens of the three principles of the Universe. This truly has the power to intensify our experience of reality!

Thomas Berry calls the three principles “interdependent dynamic energy that courses through every aspect of life… the governing intentionality of all.” To me, they are a powerful mirror of the inner life of the Holy One and of the full awakening of the human consciousness. They are the dance at the heart of mystery and creation. They are subjectivity or interiority, differentiation or diversity, and communion.

In the next few posts, I will offer each one in tandem with some of the wisdom of Laudato Si, Pope Francis’ encyclical on Creation. Take time to pause and reflect on the quotes. How do they speak to you of these dynamic ways of being?

— Linda Neil, CSJ  (