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This month’s newsletter features two podcasts — Arts and Justice with Marya Grathwohl and Drew Dellinger and Myths, Metaphors and Identities with Nancy Abrams and Sachiko Kawaura — that explore how we may gain a deeper understanding of creative transformation and human identity within a cosmological context.

Long fall nights are a rich opportunities to reflect upon our own stories and the myths, identities, and social paradigms that give rise to our sense of self.  This self is not static.  It is a dynamic force of being that is constantly evolving.  The energy that gives rise to your being is the same energy that transformed from hydrogen atoms to galaxies, stars, planets, and life.

This November, we invite you to sink into this evolutionary energy and recast your identity within a cosmological context.

How does your sense of self change when reflected within the context of the story of the universe? 

What will you do with the immense power of creative transformation that you have inherited? 

Reimagining your identity and role in society within a cosmological context can be an extraordinary moment in your life.  Fall is the perfect season to let go, dive in, and discover your deepest identity.  This month’s offerings are here to support your journey.



This episode features a conversation on Arts and Justice with Marya Grathwohl and Drew Dellinger.

In this conversation Marya and Drew explore poetry and activism, the study of science, and the participation in a Crow Sundance as shared visions of creative transformation that are inspired by the journey of the universe.

This episode features a conversation on Myths, Metaphors, and Identities with Nancy Abrams and Sachiko Kawaura.

In this conversation, Nancy and Sachiko highlight the role of myth, metaphor, and art in broadening and deepening our understanding of human identity within a cosmological context.








Hidden Heart of the Cosmos
by Brian Thomas Swimme
(Revised Edition, Orbis Books, 2019)

First published in 1996, Hidden Heart of the Cosmos sought to answer the question: What does it mean to be human, to live on planet Earth, in the universe as it is now understood?
In this new and updated edition, bestselling author and evolutionary cosmologist Brian Thomas Swimme takes us on a journey through the cosmos in search of the “new story” that is developing in response to this age-old question.Swimme is a professor of cosmology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. He is the author of The Universe is a Green DragonThe Universe Story with Thomas Berry, and the Journey of the Universe book and film with Mary Evelyn Tucker. See more books in the Orbis Ecology & Justice Series here.

Paul Campion shares a soul stirring message with the graduating class of Loyola Chicago on behalf of the Institute of Environmental Sustainability.

Watch through the end to hear first-hand how coming to know the story of our universe can empower and energize us all for the path ahead.

★ “3rd Annual Flaring Forth Celebration with Brian Thomas Swimme”  

November 16, 2019

Theme: The Great Work

Holy Names University
Oakland, CA, USA

Register here.
 American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting

November 22, 2019

Religion and Ecology Workshop

San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA, USA

Thomas Berry: A Biography with authors
Mary Evelyn Tucker, Yale University
John A. Grim, Yale University
Response: Sam Mickey, University of San Francisco

Hidden Heart of the Cosmos with author
Brian Thomas Swimme
Response: Heather Eaton, Saint Paul University, Ottawa


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