On Friday, December 2nd, the Moon and planets will we be together in the sky in a very special way. They will be strung from horizon to horizon across the sky like cosmic gems on a necklace. There will be ruby-colored Mars next to Orion and the Pleiades rising together in the east. High in the south we’ll find a pearly waxing gibbous Moon shining brightly next to diamond-brilliant Jupiter. Completing our necklace in the west will be citrine-colored Saturn, slowly setting into the horizon.

We’ll spend time contemplating this whole celestial array while orienting ourselves to the waxing gibbous Cold Moon of December, reflecting on our own relationship with our closest cosmic companion while acknowledging the role that Moon plays in the development and sustenance of life on Earth.

In the practice of contemplative cosmology, we open ourselves to the fullness of the universe as we are experiencing it in this moment. This is a practice done in person or virtually in groups where we spend time stargazing together while contemplating insights and discoveries about the amazing universe above us every night. In this practice we are encouraged to meet the radiance of the stars with the fullness of ourselves, bringing mind, heart, and body into cosmic alignment in the moment.

During these events, meditation teacher Marianne Rowe and I take turns in creating a space of togetherness, insight, appreciation and shared Deeptime experience as we celebrate together being a part of a creative, generative and all-inclusive evolutionary cosmos.

Contemplating our experience of the cosmos while reflecting and expressing it with others deepens our sense of belonging in the cosmos, to the Earth, and with each other through spending time together in the expanded perspective of a Deeptime context. These events create a special shared experience not usually found in other social contexts.

Everyone is welcome so please join us for this special Contemplative Moongazing event.

Please see https://dtnetwork.org/product/contemplative-cosmology/ for more information and to register.