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This month we are featuring allurement — a power of the universe that gives rise to attraction, intimacy, healing, and growth.

Reflecting on why we are attracted to certain aspects of existence can enable a deeper understanding of your role in the journey of the universe.  Of course, this isn’t always the easiest exercise to make space for in one’s life.  Too often, engaging with our heart’s desire can feel like an indulgence or luxury rather than an essential activity.

We hope this month’s podcast supports you in bringing your passions more and more to the center of your life.  Granting ourselves the time and energy to become more intimate with our beloved can energize and evolve our lives to become more aligned with our most authentic self and the needs of our planet.  Equally important — allurement is a powerful and effective antidote to feelings of isolation, loss, and fear that you might experience during trying times.

To learn more about allurement, how it shows up in the universe, and the practical processes through which we can enter more deeply into this power, listen to this month’s podcast below.   


Learn how responding to allurement deepened the intimacy between the Earth and the Sun.  Also explored is the invention of vertebrate sexuality and how excitement for existence is encoded into our DNA.  Listen here.

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This course draws on our series of 20 interviews that Mary Evelyn Tucker did with scientists and environmentalists. The first 10 interviews are with scientists and historians who deepen our understanding of the evolutionary process of universe, Earth, and humans. The second 10 interviews are with environmentalists, teachers, and artists who explore the connections between the universe story and the practices for a flourishing Earth community.

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I really want to say thank you for bringing this epic and great course to me.  It’s had a very big impact and influence on me.  It will always remind me to be a cosmological being instead of human being, think big even though we are small, and to set the right vision to value myself.  I feel my responsibility as an earth member.  That I should try my best to save the environment and build my connection with the other species in this universe.  This course also helped me build my universe view.  It was the first time that I heard the term cosmology.

— Michelle from Hamburg, Germany
Journey of the Universe: Weaving Knowledge and Action student

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April 4 | First Presbyterian Church of Rumson at 4 E. River Road, Rumson, NJ, USA

7-9pm  |  Q&A with John Grim

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Video recording now available here.

Featuring Brian Thomas Swimme and hosted by DTNetwork.org.

Pair this month’s podcast with The power of allurement, the mystery of beauty by Bestey Crawford.  Between the gorgeous nature photography and thoughtful reflections, this article is sure to take you one step deeper into the animating energy of allurement.  Read article.
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