This is an article written about Deep Time Journey member Sr Pat Siemen’s 4 week trip to India to teach groups about the concept of Earth Democracy and Earth Jurisprudence–a.k.a. Earth Law or Wild Law. Pat was invited to India by Vandana Shiva, PhD and her sister Mira Shiva, MD two years ago at a Sisters of Earth conference in New York where Vandana and Mira were the presenters. The five day course was held at their eco literacy centre, Navdanya in Deradhun. DTJ member Rev Mathew Cobb also attended the course. We all then got on a train and went to see our other DTJ member Rev Robert Athical at his ecoliteracy centre Tarumita…and travelled other places including a stay at Shantivanam- the Ashram in Tamil Nadu that Bede Grifiths developed…then ending up in Mumbai…the details of the trip and concepts of Earth Democracy are all in the article.