Kids’ eyes light up when they learn they are made out of stardust! Elemental Birthdays lets anyone celebrate birthdays while having fun with science & learning our Universe Story. All the elements of the universe have an atomic number (Z). Elemental Birthdays matches that number with a birthday. The first element (Hydrogen) is the first birthday. Helium (Z=2) is the second birthday, and so on. The book uses this simple idea to incorporate the elements into fun, easy party themes, and it provides a step-by-step guide to games and activities, with no science background needed! The result: a party where kids and adults have fun learning science! As an added bonus, Elemental Birthdays contains 40 pages of supplemental appendices including the Universe Story itself and additional details about how these elements are part of our daily lives and embed us in the Web of Life on Earth as well as the Cosmos itself.