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DEEPTIME CAFE: Conversation, Breakthroughs, Practices

with Dave Damm-Luhr

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             You’re invited to the . . .



Conversation, Breakthroughs, Practices

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These events occurred on:

Thursday, October 15, 7:00 – 9:00 PM ET

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Saturday, October 17, 11:00 AM ET – 1:00 PM ET

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Note:  We learned a lot in the first event, so the second may be a better one to watch, and it includes the opening meditation.


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You’re invited to a conversation that will . . .

    • foster breakthroughs that lead to new practices,
    • help us move from extractive to regenerative ways of being,
    • help us overcome resistance within and around us to transformation, and
    • help us ramp up our personal participation in the deeptime Earth story.


The Power of Deeptime Conversation

Conversations about our personal lives inside a deeptime context can inspire and motivate us, opening possibilities for ourselves and the planet as a whole.   In  communion with others, the beauty of an Ecozoic era of mutually enhancing relationships can become irresistible, such that blocks and resistance melt away.   This gathering will be a place where you can experience the transformative power of conversation with other deeptimers.

Deeptime conversation can empower us to do our “Great Work,” (Thomas Berry) and “Cosmic Task” (Maria Montessori), the work of this moment that best serves ourselves, the whole, and helps to propel evolution to its next stage.


Transforming Core Beliefs and Assumptions

Join Dave Damm-Luhr in this premium member gathering to explore and experience the power of deeptime conversation.  We’ll invite each other to explore what transformation within us and among us looks and feels like, and the ways we’ve discovered to support shifts in core assumptions and beliefs. Some of us are focusing on practices relevant at various scales, not only inside us personally, but also together with others, from dyads to very large networks.  Some of us are developing practices as well as observations about what helps address the natural impulse to resist change.  This gathering will offer summaries of insights from a range of teachers, and will include opportunities for small group sharing and exercises to start, strengthen and encourage practices for living into our edges in a radically interconnected evolving universe.


Deeptime Principles

Click here for more info on Deeptime Principles.

  • Context:  Orient to the whole, a vast evolving universe
  • Matrix:  Understand out embeddedness in Earth
  • Interiority:  Experience inner growth and engagement inside the whole
  • Action:  Participating in evolution to create a vibrant world
  • Continuum:  Continue deeptime learning across all stages of life


Dave Damm-Luhr has helped many organizations and groups move through difficult transitions as an organizational development consultant.  He is now focused on helping to birth the next epoch of human-earth relations.  And key to that transition, is personal awakening to our true purpose inside the context of an evolving interconnected universe.   His personal and tangible alignment with Earth’s Story, includes:

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