For six months the members of this website have been discussing the question, “Is the universe a living system?” It was only a question of time before someone raised the issue (going back to Galileo in the early 17th Century) of whether there in an ingrained conflict between science and religion. It was not surprising therefore that Mr. James MacAllister raised the issue in a recent posting.

Mr. MacAllister is firmly of the opinion that the universe in not living. Mr. Elgin believes that the Universe is living. Mr. MacAllister criticizes Mr. Elgin’s position as unscientific and argues that it is based upon some kind of “woo-woo” religious fundamentalism.

This posting is a critique of Mr. MacAllister’s position. In terms of a review of the two documents under consideration there is no evidence that Mr. Elgin bases his opinion on religion. It challenges the branch of science Mr. MacAllister is uses to prove his position. And it shares the insights of quantum physicists who note that there is not ingrained conflict between science and religion because they are dealing with two different dimensions of existence.

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