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Regarding the Cosmic Walk:

DTN member and board member Orla Hazra introduced us to the Cosmic walk.

At Tarumitra,* in Patna, India, we have been doing the Cosmic Walk every Saturday with all age groups. We translated the narrative into Hindi and that has allowed us to connect deeply with rural populations too.
Recently we had a remarkable feedback session with some 60 men belonging to marginalized dalit communities and it was touching to see how much the Cosmic walk affected them.  They discussed how having a cosmic perspective of their reality is helping them break through their oppression in a profound way after all that iron that flows through them were forged in bellies of large stars. This realisation is huge for people. They want to do the cosmic walk themselves in their own community in their own dialect.
We are helping them create a very local dialect centric narrative. Cosmic Walk is a powerful ritual that tells the great story of our shared existence. It invokes a remarkable sense of sacredness and unity for Earth and the great, complex and chaotic life it harbours.
Nagesh Anand

To read about how to do the Cosmic Walk, click here!

  • Tarumitra works with 2500 schools and 250,000 members.