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   [What follows was recently added to the last chapter of the author’s book, The Ambient Christ, a synthesis of scientific and religious cosmologies (a cosmo-theology). The synthesis proposes to harmonize with all fields of knowledge, including the subject below, largely ignored by the scientific and academic communities. The contents herein should be included in the book by late summer. Ambient was recently named Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Premier Book Awards in the Spirituality category.]


Declassified: Earth’s Best Kept Secret

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth” (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle).

Advances in personal and evolutionary development are characterized by a progressive de-centering of thought and perception, expanding them to ever larger domes of awareness and meaning following a series of cleansing ego purges. For millennia indigenous cultures have understood that humanity is part of a greater ecosystem, while so-called “advanced”  (white privileged) cultures and their theologies remained oblivious to same. Having validated the ancient wisdom of the earth’s indigenous peoples, the innovators mentioned within these pages affirm an organic view of creation and the Ambient One as its living spirit-soul. We humans are not the center of everything on this planet, or beyond. In reference to life outside of our solar system, even the overworked phrase “we are not alone” is ego-centric, as ego-centric as the flat earth theory or geocentric notions of the solar system. Evidence abounds that evolved beings have been visiting and probing our planet for decades, and according to some researchers, for millennia. Sightings have been recorded in ancient Egypt and Babylonian documents, indicating they have been around for a very long time. Though 95 percent of these sightings are explained by natural phenomena, the remainder are not, and must therefore be considered as real. Thinking we are chosen above all other creatures in the universe overvalues our species while devaluing other life forms elsewhere, alienating us from them and our common source. Among intelligent beings in the universe, we are alone only in the worst sense, by presuming that our aloneness is even possible among billions of other worlds.

At this writing a wealth of publicly available documents on ET visitations have been made available for downloading by the CIA, with more disclosures from the Pentagon forthcoming. Public officials are beginning to speak out on the subject, more recently senator Harry Reid and former president Barack Obama, suggesting that the magnitude of the data warrants further scrutiny. The New York Times has begun covering the story, as has CNN. CBS’s 60 Minutes recently produced a segment on it (see enclosed video). Congress is just beginning its own query nearly 75 years after the first report of an alien spacecraft crash (with ET bodies) was reported near Roswell, N.M, and later covered-up by the military. As a result, human thought and perception seem headed for yet another de-centering purge leading toward even greater challenges of inclusivity. As previously classified documents on UFO’s convincingly convey, life in the vastness of space is not limited to our miniscule planet. Increased reports of sightings via reliable UFO researchers reveal the existence of ETs who are far from the comic caricatures of little green men wearing foiled hats riding in bubble-top saucers. While the indisputable facts elicit scoffs and giggles from pure-bred scientists and academics, such flies in the face of the evidence and overwhelming public opinion. When there is no room in science for facts, then that science has become religion, dogmatically antithetical to free scientific inquiry. In laboratories and classrooms of western cultures, left brain dominance predictably inclines toward selective inattention, discounting aspects of reality that lie beyond the scope of the commonplace and empirical. Serial denials by public officials further insult the thinking public, generate distrust of authority, and create conspiracy theories about high-level governmental interests. As the paranoid are never entirely mistaken, conspiracy theories often contain truths generated by the very secrecy that seeks to suppresses them. Naming concealed truths loudly and often brings them to the forefront for public scrutiny, making them more openly true than they were before.

     “I have no doubt that the nation has suffered more from undue secrecy than from undue disclosure. The government takes good care of itself” (Daniel Schorr).

What has this to do with a new Universe Story? To begin with, it stands to impact the narrative significantly. We know that stars are the furnaces for the creation of matter, which is stardust. Creation and humanity share that same cosmic fire, which in humans is the universe become consciously aware of itself. Underscored by Teilhard, a Christian incarnational view of creation posits a synthesis of matter and spirit, with spirit being the  the highest part of matter that evolves toward an Omega point in humans, resulting in a integral transdisciplinary, trans-religious understanding of the universe along the way. This synthesis sees matter as Christ and Teilhard saw it, the revelation and hiding place of spirit. This means that divinity is in us, part of our DNA, not separate from creation itself. Jesus proclaimed to be the embodiment, icon, and living synthesis of this mystery, come to awaken others to an awareness of same, reconciling them to its mystery. The oneness he embodied calls for a radical transformation in awareness from separation-consciousness (dualistic thinking) to unitive consciousness, requisite for being in synch with God and the cosmic order. Separation-consciousness is the basis of all human woes, divisions, and planetary ailments, harming our relationship to ourselves, others, to food, possessions, money, and all life in the natural world. Recent studies in quantum physics reveal that matter is indeed consciousness in material form.

Upon viewing an earthrise from the moon, the late astronaut Edgar Mitchell experienced an epiphany. Stirred by the advent of the first moon landing, a new unitive consciousness, and reports of UFO sightings by fellow astronauts, Mitchell proposed that humankind was entering a new age of exploration. He called it the “age of the extraterrestrial.” This age calls for the broadening of our global horizons, and the need to begin transdisciplinary dialogue toward an integral, unitive understanding of the cosmos. These notions were prompted by Mitchell’s realization that the relationship between the sensory and extrasensory bands of reality were closer than science had considered. Exploring the mysterious relationship between matter and consciousness that have been separated in human thought for four hundred years, Mitchell founded IONS, the Institute of Noetic Studies (from the Greek, nous, meaning “mind”), a California research organization devoted to the study of consciousness and the mind.

Exploring the mysterious relationship between matter and consciousness has led to the profound notion that the basis of quantum physics is “quantum correlation,” indicating that when sub-atomic particles separate from each other they remain interconnected. Looked at one way these entities appear separate (particle-like); looked at another they appear as one (wave-like). As integral “wavicles,” what happens to one affects the others in what Einstein termed “spooky action at a distance.” The non-local effects of same are found in twin studies, among family members, and others in close personal relationship. Though academic physics has been slow to embrace the unity of consciousness and matter, mounting scientific evidence points to consciousness and matter as being seamlessly one at all scales. With respect to origins, everything is invisibly entangled with everything else. At the least, evidence for the existence of intelligent off-world beings changes the equation in understanding of our universe and planet and may even reveal something of our origins.

Numerous credible testimonials reveal that UFO phenomena defy all known laws of physics. Confusion results when dualistic thinking seeks logical explanations of physical effects from non-physical reality. As the material and quantum planes of existence are universally interconnected, it follows that this fact must also apply to extraterrestrial life, and by the same zero-point origins and energies detailed by the author in his cosmotheology synthesis. If that proposed synthesis is valid universally, it should harmonize with all fields of knowledge, including off-world phenomena and beyond. Such ET beings are clearly in possession of ultra-conscious capacities, rely primarily on advanced electromagnetic technologies, navigate via the earth’s electromagnetic fields, emit measurable electromagnetic radiation, and are capable of outperforming and disabling earth’s sophisticated electronic equipment. Such highly advanced powers and technology greatly exceed anything thus far known to mankind. Further, by some advanced electromagnetic wizardry, off-worlders and their craft appear capable of entering other dimensions of space traveling faster than the speed of light, and incredibly, even the speed of thought. As for comprehending such realities, we humans have much catching up to do, thanks to covert agencies within our government and military intent on keeping their citizens totally in the dark on the subject. When it comes to governing, secrecy is repugnant to free and open societies, and a breeding ground for corruption and abuse of power.

     “Secrecy is the freedom tyrants dream of.” (Bill Moyers).

Alien spacecraft have also been filmed ascending and descending active volcano craters in Latin America, inside which are exceptionally high concentrations of electromagnetic energy. Human aircraft would simply disintegrate in proximity to the intense heat of an active volcano crater. As electromagnetism (light) is an identifiable energy source associated with their spacecraft, it is quite possible that this volcanic energy is being accessed to power them. This lends credence to Nikola Tesla’s observation that universally “everything  is the light” (consisting of vibrating electromagnetic energy.) Perhaps it is time to take a closer look at what Tesla tried to tell the world a century ago about the ubiquitous nature of light as foundational to the created order, abundantly available in what only appears to the naked eye as empty space.

     “If you want to know the secrets of the universe, study energy, frequency and vibration (Nikola Tesla).

Using calculations based on zero-point energy (and dark energy), Tesla’s notions were confirmed by theoretical physicist Richard Feynman. Feynman estimated that “there is enough energy in one cubic meter of empty space to boil all the oceans of the world.” As conveyed in Part 3, Tesla’s ingenuity and efforts were thwarted by the exploitive robber barons of his day (Edison, J.P. Morgan, and Westinghouse) who systematically undermined his vision to provide cheap energy to an entire world. This crossed the enterprising designs of these powerful robber barons and their profiteering schemes of controlling its supply and cost. As detailed in previous chapters, incorporating Tesla’s visionary notions with those of others listed in the review below allows for the development of a new synthesis, and with it a new universe story.

“The Universe is made up of stories, not atoms” (Muriel Rukeyser).

Teilhard asserted that spirit is the highest part of matter, which over deep time evolves by converging, interiorizing (involuting) and condensing within the psycho-spiritual core of humans. Tesla added that the source and essence of this ethereal substance is light energy, found in what is usually considered the vastness of empty space. Buckminster Fuller insisted that new paradigms are in order because the old ones are unworkable, and “human power structures and their reign of darkness are about to be rendered obsolete.” Extending Tesla’s notions, Nassim Haramein demonstrated how an electromagnetic sea of flux creates atomic structures via fractal geometry, 99.999% of which is spun and spiraled from empty space. Taking a page from Teilhard and Fuller, Thomas Berry argued that our times call for a new, future-looking story, a “functional cosmology” that successfully marries science and spirituality. And Edgar Mitchell insisted that it was time for the empirical sciences to fess-up that the sensory and extrasensory dimensions of the universe are two sides of one integral reality.

The combined contributions of these twentieth century luminaries bears a distinct outline of a future-looking story for our century and beyond. That novel story pivots on two main realities — spirit and light — whose quantum make-up is virtually identical, one in essence whose chief property is consciousness. The author speculates that the mysteries of consciousness and spirit may well be aspects of this light energy (akasha) that Tesla referenced. The energy that fired the universe and its entire contents into existence is the same energy that causes hearts to beat, neurons to fire, artists to create, love to manifest, prayer to be fervent, healing to occur, and life to exist in all its cosmic manifestations. Each created thing, including human souls, abide in this energy field. Previously known by different names and claimed by separate cosmologies (scientific and religious) the author envisions the two as one in a unified cosmo-theology whose time has come. God is one, but is known by many names. As there is only essence (singularity) expressed in many forms and cross-cultural inflexions, there can only be one universe story waiting to be told. Yet, any proposed ultra-synthesis along these lines can only be apprehended by human thought purged of its archaic habit of dualistic thinking, and with it separation-consciousness.

To date, credible reports of off-world spacecraft technology reveal advanced zero-point propulsion systems equipped with remote-sensing devices, each powered by highly developed forms of anti-gravity (and electromagnetic) capabilities. As stated, the intelligence behind these technologies is marked by advanced extrasensory powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, levitation, and teleportation to name a few. This striking fact seems preposterous to many, intriguing to others, dreadful to a few, and indifferent to the rest. Treating this remarkable subject with denial, avoidance, or indifference in response to one of the greatest, if not THE greatest mystery in the history of our planet remains a modern-day enigma. In truth, there can be no complete universe story without making room for an understanding of same. However, public officials have categorially evaded the subject, textbooks routinely exclude it, educational systems artfully dodge it, and houses of worship faithfully bypass it. Raising the issue, even among friends, typically meets with blank stares, dismissive remarks, and/or snickers and looks of incredulity. Strangely, until recently there has been virtually no coverage in the mainstream media despite credible reports of increasing ET activity prevalent in our atmosphere. Considering the media’s preoccupation with ratings, flair for the sensational, and current headline-grabbing ways, this fact alone is downright bizarre, and should awaken the inquisitive Sherlock Holmes in every thinking person.

To reiterate, the unitive consciousness of indigenous peoples and mystics have always known what has been deeply true regarding the universe, that all things consist of and cohere as one in an interconnected web of life via the Great Spirit. Based on the author’s proposed cosmic synthesis, the essence of that Spirit and its diffused and diffracted energies is light (electromagnetism) originating from a single fiery explosion “in the beginning” (Gen. 1:3). Literally and as metaphor, light as the chief attribute and description of divinity abounds in Scripture, referenced ten times in the creation story of Genesis 1 alone. As a primary symbol for the constancy of God in religions worldwide, and well-known to science as a constant in the physical universe, all signs point to light as THE common denominator reconciling the Creation and Evolution/Big Bang stories. Operating on an interlocking continuum of frequency vibrations, this cosmic energy takes a variety of created forms, visible and invisible. Attesting to same along religious lines, the ancient scrolls declare that the Ambient One “fills all things” (Col. 2:10) by incarnating them at the heart of matter as the substance of its forms, acting silently, said Christ, “like leaven in bread” (Matt. 13:33). And as Tesla emphasized (verified by quantum mechanics), these energies exist on a continuum of vibrating frequencies, visible and invisible, dense and diaphanous, and can be readily extracted and utilized from the same quantum strata with consequences for good or ill. Owing to their evolved mental (extrasensory) and technical powers, it appears that off-world civilizations have harvested and harnessed this abundant cosmic energy to the uttermost. Simply put by physicist Nassim Haramein, “spirituality is the physics we haven’t discovered yet.”

Teilhard often spoke of the “constructive convergence of shared lives,” a synthesis which must now make room for these highly evolved visitors. Their presence and what may be learned from them promises to be a game-changer for the overall way we think about things, particularly when it comes to shared origins and identities. These energies that substantively undergird and fire the entire cosmic order, no matter their form, must also do so everywhere in the universe, including ET civilizations. The word “universe” (from the Latin, ‘unus’ and ‘versus’) means “to turn around on one thing,” and as it seems, light is that one thing. Therefore, in telling a more complete universe story it is imperative that this universal energy and its diffuse manifestations and source be accurately identified in a way that harmonizes with science and spirituality.

It is now possible to assemble a more thorough synthesis based on the converging ideas from those luminaries mentioned above, one that also harmonizes with the known facts of off-world beings and their god-like powers. Evolved ET consciousness and advanced technology may offer further insights on the specific nature of this mysterious cosmic fire diffused throughout the universe, and something about its potential spiritual and practical development and use for our ailing planet. Such insights will most definitely reveal key aspects of the universe story that may include glimpses of our evolved selves’ millennia hence.  Humankind is still muddling along on its deep time way, just beginning to scratch the surface of its identity and hidden potential in the invisible order. While moving at tortoise speed, it also faces a rapidly declining biosphere and dwindling energy supply in a race against time. By contrast, highly evolved beings with extrasensory consciousness and sci-fi technology appear to have already realized their growth potential and its adaptive applications. How else are we to view these peculiar space-lings, other than as ultra-intelligent light beings with advanced electromagnetic technology, the product of evolved forms of extrasensory consciousness? Dare we use the word — “supernatural?” There you have it, a civilization of ready-made “gods,” the apotheosis of realized and embodied light beings right in our own backyard. Surely, this fact should capture the careful attention of every informed citizen, futurist, and cosmology-monger among us.

No doubt, we must become a universal species to survive, one whose consciousness is ever evolving toward seeing and living in inclusive wholes. As the innovative work of Teilhard, Tesla, Fuller, Berry, Mitchell, and others suggest, humanity needs a new way to look at itself by developing a truly comprehensive “Science of Humankind” to go with it. Defining what it means to be human (and evolved) along integral lines is central in developing a sustainable future civilization on a planet fast veering toward unsustainability. With little time to waste, the opportunity to obtain and develop the secrets of advanced ET technology is one possible solution that could get us there.

     “We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims” (Buckminster Fuller).

It has been speculated that highly advanced civilizations might teach humanity such things as a physical theory of everything, how to utilize zero-point energy, how to travel faster than light, and/or how to prevent destroying each other and the biosphere, advancing humanity to its next stage of civilization. Overcoming our addictions to war, consumerism, and desecration of the biosphere must surely qualify our species for a timely galactic intervention before the planet spins frightfully out of control. Off-worlders might even help us see ourselves as we are seen, not by our standard markers of race, color, creed, gender, or social status, but as earthlings, and nothing more.
Despite multiple denials and disinformation tactics by public officials, the global presence of ETs has been an open secret for far too long. In the recent past there has been much ET activity worldwide, and it has become increasingly bold. Denying they exist does not make them go away. While most of humanity slumbers on cruise control, close encounters of the fifth kind (direct contact) are already underway and well-documented (reference, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, Dr. Steven Greer). Clearly, the public needs to be more informed and involved.

Withal, there is another side to this intriguing story, one of the stealthy human kind. Deemed highly classified, even the sketchiest information on these sightings have long been denied or withheld from the public by the U.S. Air Force and Navy. This includes details on applied technology reverse engineered from the wreckage of ET aircraft dating back to the late 1940’s. Of significance, this branch of the military has been dangerously unregulated by high-level governmental oversight. This circumstance has led to the insidious rise of a troublesome national security state in our nation, one with powerful international alliances. A national security state arises when the military becomes a nation’s highest authority, too big for its constitutional britches. Primarily obsessed with naming enemies both internal and external, the chief aim of national security states lies in restricting public debate through secrecy, intimidation, disinformation, or by whatever means necessary to maintain a false narrative. In such a security state declassified “disclosures” can be deceiving if they serve a secrecy that compromises the public’s right to know. In instances involving ET phenomena, and with a bent toward perceiving all things outside itself as the enemy, controlling the narrative by declaring that off-worlders are a threat creates the public perception of a future interplanetary conflict. Such a narrative could then be used to establish full spectrum dominance over a nation or planet by the one percent elite who control forty percent of the world’s wealth.

In his 1961 farewell address president Eisenhower warned the public about unmonitored alliances between the military and private enterprise, famously referring to them as “the military-industrial complex.” Add named and unnamed national security agencies to that original duo, and one multiplies the sheer amount of data secretly withheld from the American public. Preoccupied with issues of covert operations, various forms of power, control, and fact-hiding, other world governments have also been less than forthcoming to their citizens on UFO matters. But those governments are generally more disclosing than in the USA. On the domestic front, secret agencies seldom brief our leaders, and when they do only disclose information that serves their hidden command and control agendas.

It is common knowledge that presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were denied requests for UFO briefings by such cloak-and-dagger entities. Ronald Reagan was informed only on a “need to know” basis. Penetrating questions remain unanswered as to the identity of the personnel running these agencies whose unregulated authority exceeds those of our nation’s highest governing offices. Growing awareness of this long-standing cover-up is in the early stages of raising public concern, and a push for more truthful disclosures. Thus far, widespread public awareness and apprehension on the matter, while heating-up, has yet to reach critical mass.

     “Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong purposes” (Buckminster Fuller)

A sharp decline in attending traditional religious services, the questionable integrity of many clerics, and unwavering faith in the empirical sciences lend appeal to notions that the planet’s salvation may one day pivot on advanced science and technology. This is particularly so regarding AI and other forms of machined superintelligence. Yet fools rush in where angels dare to tread. It is axiomatic that when faith in the One God dwindles, lesser gods tend to fill the vacuum. Advancements in science and technology, even of the enhanced ET kind, would be dangerous in the absence of an enlightened planetary consciousness and corresponding cosmic ethic to implement and regulate them. Relying primarily on science and technology for eco-redemption or the kindling of a global unitive consciousness is a tempting proposition.  A swooping “deus ex machina” rescue from the “gods” may sound good, but without closer scrutiny may not be good and sound.

While close encounters of the sixth and seventh kind may be in store for us and future generations, considering same calls for wisdom and discernment. Aside from backstairs disinformation fed to the media intending to raise fear, other personal accounts of direct ET-human contact are mixed, indicating both benevolent and harrowingly invasive behaviors on the part of these visitors. That secret inter-governmental agencies are known to contaminate the facts through an assortment of disinformation tactics makes it difficult to sort out the accuracy of these reports.

Viewing our universe as THE primary revelation of the divine, Teilhard protégé Thomas Berry proposed that only a cosmogenesis guided by the numinous mystery that holds all things in unity, one synonymous with the logos (John 1:4) is to usher in a new Ecozoic Era. Declared Berry, “there is no God without creation, and no creation without God.” In a bipolar universe operating on the interplay of contrary forces visible and invisible, including those of darkness and light, it is likely that the evils visited upon humanity are also well-known to inter- and extra-galactic life forms as well. This raises the critical question as to their interest in our planet and its inhabitants. Some ET researchers speculate that these evolved beings are so spiritually transformed as to be incapable of evil doing. Others suggest such visitations may involve the actual assembling of these dark/light forces for earth’s final clash of opposites (good and evil) described in the books of Daniel, the gospels, and Revelation. For many, a quick-fix solution for the planet’s ills, the biblical Lake of Fire would be a timely end-time incinerator for all manner of evil.

However, these biblical notions must be balanced by reality. The more clear-sighted perspective is the one President Eisenhower warned of long ago, that involving secret alliances among the military, industry, and the CIA. Credible reports indicate that these secret alliances have involved billions of off-the-books money. These arrangements have led to the kind of covert and disinformation operations far exceeding that of Watergate, one shrewdly intent on keeping citizens thinking otherwise, as with the Iraq war. Given this situation, an unsuspecting public is susceptible to being hoaxed on the most classified information in the history of the world. Based on technologies borrowed and applied from crashed ET craft, insiders have long known that our military has the technology to “bring ET home,” including the development of anti-gravity aircraft via secretly funded covert programs operating separate from NASA. These advanced technology programs are primarily aimed at utilizing zero-point energy for interstellar travel, or even hi-tech weaponry. If this technology was instead applied to environmental use, it could conceivably make fossil fuels obsolete almost overnight, reverse climate change in a single generation, and feed half the world now experiencing food insecurity. Further, it would bring our technology capabilities full-circle by revisiting Nikola Tesla’s vision of a century ago, resurrecting his censored ideas on how to extract cheap energy from the quantum dimension of “empty” space. Just as in Tesla’s time, rest assured that such desperately needed eco-priorities and their solutions would find little receptivity with the powerful oil, gas, coal, and energy consortiums of our time. There is nothing new under the sun when it comes to money, power and influence in a mercenary and militarized world. Having advanced technologies capable of benevolently enhancing life on earth, or malevolently destroying it has less to do with an imminent alien threat than the secret stockpiling of advanced technologies in the interest of a few. These facts must be soberly considered lest an unsuspecting public, corporately owned press, and desperately under-privileged nations of the world be duped, controlled by oligarchs set on orchestrating a War of the Worlds scenario for their own ends.

In the aftermath of the CIA and Pentagon’s (selective) release of classified documents on this subject, stay tuned for how the press, public and political entities respond to same. And be informed on what the future holds for any relationship with these evolved beings and their technology, engineered and utilized in secret before an unsuspecting public. Truth be told, UFO sightings most likely involve a confounding mix of off-world and secretly developed human spacecraft, neither of which have been officially acknowledged. (For more explicit details on this subject reference, “Countdown to Disclosure, The Secret Technology Behind the Space Force,” a 2020 documentary by Dr. Steven Greer.)

Meanwhile, the planet’s best kept secret may not reside in the existence of ETs actively probing our planet, or their living among us unassumingly. Nor may it reside in the chilling discovery that we live in a quasi-national security state obsessed with enemies, secrecy, disinformation, and restricting public debate. Rather, it may reside in the profound notion that the light energy numinously under-glimmering every aspect of our planetary existence extends to motorizing the entire universe, and in highly evolved ways. The Ambient One (Light of the World) is indeed the silent mystery behind it all, ascending and descending into space-time from the quantum realm like a Jacob’s Ladder of vibrating frequencies, taking shape in primitive to highly evolved forms. Light, and with it consciousness is the substance of all form. Such is the common denominator of science, religion and the arts, and the unfolding story of multiple cosmic dramas and sub-dramas whose storyline must now include off-world civilizations. A revelation of the entire universe “turning around on this one thing” (unus versus)  would indeed qualify as apocalyptic in the literal sense of the word (an unveiling), and a new story worth telling.

     As a blacklisted Nikola Tesla claimed over a century ago, EVERYTHING is the light, without exception. The harmonic of the universe is wholeness, and its catalyst is light. Tesla’s discoveries are merely the scientific explanation of the omnipresent nature of the Ambient One come to make us consciously aware of Itself. Light is the common denominator, nexus and central point of agreement within, among and between all things, including science and religion. Like any two integral entities, whenever two stories (creation/evolution) are attracted to each other in a complementary way, they become together something that they could never be alone, a synthesis and consciousness of the highest order As their combined subject matter comprises the whole of things, there is no need for them to continue as competing partial truths, the obsolete byproduct of separation consciousness. Such is the organic, animating, redemptive and healing substance of the universe, and the sacred identity of every living thing. The problem is that the fulcrums of power continue to fall short in giving equal value to this ancient wisdom by venerating the empirical over lived experience, thereby failing to synthesize science and spirituality in unitive oneness.

     Divinity continually reveals its secrets in poetry and soft whispers. Humanity occasionally stumbles upon those secrets in prose and hard facts. The answers are there, as are the solutions to our global dilemmas that can only be grasped by a transformation in human consciousness along unitive lines. As the Ambient One foretold, if humanity fails, it will be because it did not see or hear them.

     “The kingdom of heaven is spread upon the face of the earth, and men do not see it” (Jesus, Gospel of Thomas, saying 113).

     Overall, the human species is yet unable to see this omnipresent ambient light in which it lives, moves, has its being, and shares with off-world civilizations who seem to have thrived by harnessing its manifold powers.

    “Centuries are needed for our gaze to accustom itself to the light” (Teilhard de Chardin).

    As Tesla envisioned for this century, the planet’s sustainability hinges on the application, cost-effective availability, and wise use of this energy at all scales. While the abundance of light energy in the universe is neutral, the Ambient One from whom it originates is not. This means that there are predictable consequences associated with how and for what motives this energy and its applications are used. For those who use it for the benefit of the whole and whole-making, the outcome is life-enhancing everywhere. For those who use it for self-gain at the expense of others and/or the environment, the result is ultimately life-diminishing or destructive for all. Energy follows attention. Wherever the focus of collective human attention lies, the energies of its body, mind and spirit follow. Same energy, different motive, direction, and consequences. In our time, scandalously, there are those who have been secreting and/or misdirecting its powers for far too long, and at great cost to the well-being of the entire biosphere. Like legendary Prometheus, those who steal fire from the gods in this way are playing dice with the devil, and will ultimately wield his sword.

     “Integrity is the essence of everything successful” (Buckminster Fuller).


*Data in CBS’S 60 Minutes video resource and other upcoming media reports now beginning to flood the airwaves on the subject may contain elements of national security disinformation as mentioned in the body of the text above. Let the viewer discern and beware.

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