From the introduction:
Since the earliest expressions of culture, humans have sought to understand and efine our place in the universe. To this end, we have developed cosolgies, which are stories that invoke our common experience of reality. These stories describe where have come fro and where we are going. The religioius and philosophical traditions we have honored for millennia all bear witness to our deep desire to find orientation and meaning in what we see, experience, and feel around us.
This newly published title includes papers from a conference at Yale Divinity School in November 2014. Papers cluster into these categories:
Part 1: Worldviews Shaping Journey of the Universe
* Thomas Berry and the New Story
* Evolutionary Perspectives of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Part II: Dwelling in a Cosmos
* A Sacramental Universe
* Cosmological Spirituality and Ecological Ritual
Part III: Participating in a Living Cosmology
* Cosmology and Environmental Ethics
* Integrating Ecology, Justice, Race, and Gender
* The Sacred Dimensons of Land, Food, and Water
* Earth Jurisprudence for the Earth Community
Part IV: Evolving christianity with an Emergent Universe